Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I haven't blogged for some time because I've been building an internal, private microblogging community for the global 3M technical community over the past couple years.  I was invited to participate in a 3M ds106 course and one of the assignments is to blog.  So...  I'm blogging again.

I hope you'll hear from me soon...


  1. ...and the whole ds106 world waits with bated breath!

    Welcome, and I look forward to your participation, at 3M but open to ds106 worldwide. It looks like an exciting creativity season ;)


  2. Hello #ds106 Friend Mark!

    Are you a friend of Rochelle AKA @Rockylou22 who is a True Friend of me?

    It is time to start #ds106 stuff! Your blog is in the list, and we are ready to Make Some Art, Bub! You can read a post that I wrote called Some Advice for My Newest Friends" that will help you get started with some #ds106 Boot Camp things.

    Do you have your Twitter set up yet? I do not have your Twitter on my #headless13 Friends Index. Twitter is a good way to ask questions and find out what is going on in the #ds106 community. Just search for the #ds106 tag in your Twitter client. You will see lots of things are happening!

    Well, bye!